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Writing a letter to get an ex back be very beneficial to help pulling back your loved one. But it must be remembered that a letter on its own may not get your ex back within your arms straightaway! Instead, a letter can be used to "kick-start" dialog between you and your ex - if you have'nt been in communication for a while.

Once you are back talking to each other, then there are other methods and techniques that can be used that will bring this mission of yours to a happy conclusion: "your ex back". If you have just recently split up then it might be an advantage to take a quick look at our "win your ex back mini course". After that, you can decide which way you should go - but please, bear in mind that whichever way you


Should I write a letter to get my ex back?

Writing a letter to get back together with your ex can be a bit nerve-wracking, particularly if you are not used to writing. And there is nothing more frustrating than suffering from what professional writers call "writer's block" before you have even started to put pen to paper.

So we have prepared some basic "writing to get back together with an ex" guides,to help get that ink flowing.

But first - why write a letter to get back together with your ex? Why not phone or use an sms?

What method of communication you use is going to depend on what you are trying to convey to your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, and also the circumstances that you are trying to convey them in.

For example, let's say you and your ex split up after a raging argument and neither of you have spoken to each other for months. Now you're reconsidering the possibilities of getting back together. In this situation, it may not be helpful to send a sms like …"Hey! Joe/Mary its Fred/Sue sorry about that fight a few months ago why don't we get back together, now we have both calmed down".

Now, you could of course try leaving the same message on an answering machine: "Er… Hi. Its … er, Joe … here … erm … just thought I'd, er, well, haven't spoken for … erm … well, it's been a while..... Get back together...

Alternatively, you could always just roll up unannounced at your ex's home, and declare your intentions! "Hi, Fred! Just thought I'd pop round to let you know I changed my mind and we are now back together again."

Do you get the picture?

Writing a letter to get back together or repair a damaged relationship has distinct advantages over verbal or machine communications.

1. There is an old saying that "If it isn't written then it isn't true." That doesn't mean letters can't lie nor that the spoken word is always untrue. But it does mean that people will always believe the written word more than they do the spoken word.

2. Because of this, letters always convey more sincerity than the spoken


3. A letter will allow you more time to pick, choose and compose your words more carefully to express your feelings and sentiments more accurately, without feeling nervous or intimidated by the presence of the other person.

4. Letters let you move steadily and surely towards getting back your ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend or spouse. For example, if you have had very little contact with your ex for a long period of time and you still miss them dearly, a letter declaring your undying love would not be appropriate just now!

5. Receiving greeting cards and postcards is generally a warm and pleasant experience, which is exactly why we send them, to give someone a little bit of delight. But greeting cards and post cards are only "off-the-shelf", mass-produced, fast-food substitutes for a letter.

So! - those are just five of the benefits of writing a real letter to an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend with the veiw of geting back together. And you are now hopefully inspired to move on to HOW exactly you are going to create the timeless love-letter which will hopfully prepare the path for you and your ex to get back together

Do you need a sample "Love letter "to help get you going? Click!

Should I write a letter to get my ex back?

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